The Rocky Mountains

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My plan was to take last weekend off while my wife and I traveled to Denver for my cousin’s High School graduation. While there, however, my wonderful publicist found an Open Mic Night at a popular bar in Fort Collins (about an hour north of Denver). I gave them a call Sunday afternoon to reserve a spot, and they put me on the bill for 9:25pm, which just happened to be immediately after the owner’s set.

After spending some time with my extended family, and inviting them to the performance, I started heading back to the hotel to get my gear ready and map out the trip to the bar. We finished all that up and headed to Old Town. After parking, we started walking through Old Town, to get an idea of what was there. It’s reminds me a great deal of the Old Market in Omaha, NE. Fort Collins is half the size of Lincoln, NE but has twice the number of amazing restaurants and local flare for live music. As we got closer to Lucky Joe’s (where I would be playing that night) a street musician playing for tips saw my guitar, and asked me to play him a song. I sat down, got out my takamine, and played “Kiss in the Moonlight” for the small crowd that had gathered around. During the performance, a few local patrons dropped change into the musicians guitar case, apparently thinking is was a mutual kitty. No worries though, I am happy to help anyone earn a buck.

When I finished my song, we wished each other well and I moved on to Lucky Joe’s. We sat through Joe, the bar owner’s set, which was really good despite being poorly attended. He talked with us a little, and gave me a warm introduction. I started to play and my family all came in. It was great to see them make the drive to watch me perform. I received universal applause, got thanked by several musicians and others there, and was asked to come back out again when I had a chance.

It was nice to have an opportunity to perform in Fort Collins. It was also good to take the drive, and get more familiar with the towns along I-80. I plan on setting up a short tour taking me to Cheyenne, Pine Bluffs, North Platte, Fort Collins, Denver and Kearney in the not to distant future. (Get to work Dan!)

This weekend should be exciting as I will play at NuVibe in Downtown Lincoln, NE. This will be my first performance with a second vocalist. My sister-in-law Irene will be singing harmonies with me, and will have a few songs of her own that she will perform. If you’re close, you should come out! It’ll be a new twist on Ivory Hill that is bound to keep you interested.

The next post will talk about a trio, and give a recap of the show that will happen this Friday.

Thanks for reading, and God Bless.

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