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Last night was the monthly meeting of the Social Media Club in Lincoln, NE. They were kind enough to ask me to give a presentation on how I have been utilizing different forms of social media such as twitter, facebook, and this blog to help market myself via the internet. We met at Red9, a beautiful venue that has amazing food.

I think that it all went pretty well. I had done a lot of thinking on the topics that I would talk about during the presentation, and what music I would perform before hand. Rather than summarize what I talked about, I’m including my presentation notes from last night below, so that I can remember the inspired advice, and hopefully it can benefit someone else in their career endeavors.

Here are my notes:

1. Your Net Work = Your Net Worth

2. Minimal Exposure = Minimal Returns / Marginal Exposure = Exponential Returns

a. Putting yourself out there helps. Think about Britney Spears’ relationship with the Paparazzi. People think she hates the paparazzi and that they infiltrate her life, but her intimate exposure to the world has earned her millions of dollars. Much more than her Music has earned.

b. The internet has the ability to take a small piece of information such as a “tweet” and it can spread virally to millions. Ex: a celebrity takes 5 seconds to tweet a link to their new music video, and within 1 hour, it has 100,000 views.

3. The Call to Action

a. Anyone who follows a celebrity on twitter should realize that every tweet is asking them (the followers) to do something. Follow a link, watch a TV show, turn on the radio etc. This is a call to action. If you don’t ask your contacts to do something each and every time you have contact with them, you are missing out on an opportunity to get them to take action.

b. Think about when you update your status. When your new status reads “hey, i just did something,” and that’s it, seldom will there be an active response. However, if your status reads “has anyone else ever done this?”, you will more than likely receive an active response because you are asking for one. You must always be calling to action, if you want to see any results.

3. Uni, Uni, Uni

a. Uni, Uni, Uni is short for Universal, Uniform, and Unison. Unlike place marketing, universal marketing is an understanding that once your advertising is on the web, the whole universe has access to it. Don’t waste your time marketing locally on the web. Buy a billboard if that’s what you want, but you should understand that posting stuff on the web is advertising available to everybody, everywhere, all the time. Innovations in social media allow for this type of marketing focus, and should be universal not place oriented.

b. Having a uniform, or brand still works and should be continued. Make sure your image is positive and consistent everywhere the eye can see it, so that it stays locked in the brain as positive and consistent. The last thing you want contacts to think is that your business is negative and inconsistent, so do not market that way. Working in Unison (not in harmony, but on the exact same line/pace) with technology is the only way to take full advantage of it. When we sing in unison, we are all on the same pitch and beat. This should remain true for our relationship with technology. If we do not harness new technology we can not take advantage of it. What’s worse is that if we don’t capitalize on these improvements, our competitors most likely will, and we will lose the customers which take that route to find information.

That’s basically the message I shared with the Social Media Club last night. Hopefully, there are some helpful tips for you in your career. In addition to the business presentation, I also played a few songs that it seemed like people enjoyed. Congratulations to Ross Nelson on winning the CD last night. I hope that he will enjoy it. Thanks are due to Christy and Toolulu for the Sandwich she bought me. Christy said she likes GaGa, so I’m sure she’ll enjoy the album she got for buying me food. Lastly a big thanks to those who chose to follow me on twitter and shared their pics of me.

In other news, Irene Hill will be singing back-ups with me at some performances coming up. I am excited to have her there. Her voice is beautiful, and it will finally give the audience a pretty face to look at during the show. ;)

I’ll be taking a short 2 week break from performing to get some shows in the fall booked (with the much needed help of Shannon Binkley and Dan Graves), as well as attend my cousins Graduation ceremonies in Colorado. I’ll let you readers know if there is any other news along the way.

Much love from me to you, and God Bless!

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